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33,74 EUR*
Details Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy Volume 16

In Volume 16 - reprinting strips from October 25, 1954 through May 13, 1956 - Chester Gould presents an amazing number of memorable characters: grotesques such as the murderous Rughead and a 467-lb. killer named Oodles, health faddist George Ozone and ...

20,34 EUR*
Details Illustrated History of Furniture: From the Earliest to the Present Time (1893 Reprint)

Illustrated History of Furniture Frederick Litchfield created an enduring classic study of functional art with his Illustrated History of Furniture. This reprinting is presented out of a deep appreciation for the excellent scholarship and many ...

31,03 EUR*
Details Robert E. Howard's Weird Works Volume 7: Beyond The Black River (Weird Works of Robert E. Howard (Hardcover))

The seventh volume of the Weird Works of Robert E. Howard continues reprinting Howard's fantasy from Weird Tales and Strange Tales in order of original publication. All texts have been meticulously restored to their original pulp appearances.

319,00 EUR*
Details Functional Hybrid Materials (Materials Science)

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry: Functional Hybrid Materials Gives an overview of the facets of industrial chemistry, illustrating the superiority of well designed hybrid materials over conventional materials, and their potential ...

115,44 EUR*
Details Chemistry of Hazardous Materials (Hazardous Materials Chemistry)

Chemistry of Hazardous Materials, Sixth Edition, covers basic chemistry for emergency responders, guiding students who are often non-science majors through the process of understanding the chemical properties that make materials hazardous. This text ...